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In recent years hurricane’s have ripped through some of the Florida's airports, inflicting hundreds of millions of dollars in damage to Florida's aircraft and hangars alike. The hurricane’s tore the aircraft from their tiedowns. The aircraft that were not protected from the ravages of the storm faired far a worse outcome, than the aircraft protected by a well built hangar in Florida.

We, believe buying a hangar in Florida or leasing a hangar is the only option when it comes to protecting you aircraft.  Damage without a hangar is going to be inevitable either from the sun, wind, rain or other elements unless you protect your aircraft in a hangar. 

In 1992 Hurricane Andrew, which ravaged South Florida and destroyed nearly all the Aircraft storage facilities at the Tamiami airport, proves that you cannot escape the possibility of catastrophic damage, you can however protect your aircraft with a well built hangar, built to stand up too hurricane force winds,  like the ones at the Orlando Apopka Airport.

The airpark in Apopka has been completely redeveloped and boast’s some of the best hangars in Florida. the runway has been widened and extended making the Orlando Apopka Airport one of the best privately owned public use airports in the country. To add to the rareity the Orlando Apopka Airport allows you to own your land and have part ownership in the runway and taxiways, imagine not having to rent a hangar or lease a hangar again.

When deciding whether to purchase a lot or hangars many people have found the value is in owning your lot and purchased more than one lot or purchase a ready to go hangars or rent a hangar or build your own, an In Florida makes sense to own. We can provide you with not only expert advice on the land purchase, PrimeSource Real Estate provides the most experienced aviation real estate team with over thirty years of aviation, construction and real estate experience. PrimeSource Real Estate is the only company to use during the purchase or rental of your aircraft hangar in Florida. We can also build your hangar in Florida at the Orlando Apopka Airport to suit your needs. the aircraft hangars at the Orlando Apopka Airport will help protect that valuable asset! At the Orlando Apopka Airport we have hangars for sale, hangar lots, hangar rentals, and long term hangars for lease, At Orlando Apopka Airport you can build your own hangars if you desire and best of all you own the land. Building your own Florida hangar on your own hangar lot is easy contact me David@PrimeSource.net

Hangar rentals Orlando Apopka Airport - Aircraft hangars availble in Florida at Orlando Apopka Airport. Aircraft hangars at the Orlando Apopka Airport, Are new construction all hangers have been constructed within the last few years, some are brand new, they feature such items as doors 65' and more, fire sprinklers, bathrooms. Bring your airplane or aviation related business. Several spaces are available for short to long term storage of your aircraft. 

Completely customize and design yours today! 

Visit us at www.OrlandoApopkaAirport.com Building your own Florida hangar is easy contact me David@PrimeSource.net

The Orlando Apopka Airport X04 airpark, the Orlando Apopka space is set up to accommodate several single engine aircraft, Turboprop aircraft. There are also office spaces available for rent with taxi ramp access and private restrooms. Don't let the weather take its toll on your aircraft. Get your Florida hangar at the Orlando Apopka Airport today! These lots are on deeded land, not a lease! Located at Orlando Apopka Airport (X04). Uncontrolled field without delays. Move-in ready! ... An airplane hangar in Florida makes sense! Hangared aircraft always bring more money when it comes time to sell. Buy a hangar today at the Orlando Apopka Airport.

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